Ashish Shekhar

Assistant Professor


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Objective of course: To develop a thorough understanding of the central elements of discrete Time signal processing theory and the ability to apply this theory to real-world signal processing applications.

Course Description: This course is extension to signal and system course. Here in this course we will deal with only Discrete signals and systems. This course requires mathematical tools like Z-transform, Laplace Transform and Fourier Transform. In this course the major focus will be on developing skills in the area of analysis and synthesis of Discrete time systems. Below are certain images of continuous and discrete time signals and transformation of continuous signal and Discrete signal

Figure 1. Discretization of continuous signal












Figure 2. a. Continuous Fourier Transformation. (b) Discrete Fourier Transformation.


Syllabus and Timeline chart of Course:

Course content

  • Prerequisite

  • Module 1 Transform analysis of Linear Time Invariant systems

  • Module 2 Computation methods of  DFT

  • Module 3 Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filter Design.

  • Module 4 Infinite Impulse Response Filter Design

  • Module 5 Multi rate Signal Processing

  • Module 6 Telecommunications applications of DTSP

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