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My name is Katerina Kazanovska. I am a teacher, teacher trainer, and education specialist. I specialize in English and have been working in this area for almost ten years, building my career with International House Riga, and now continuing it with International House Malta. I am CELTA and DELTA certified and also an approved CELTA tutor. I have been involved in a number of teacher training programmes, running seminars with British Council Latvia, and co-operating with the Ministry of Education of Latvia, VISC and RIIMC.


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Hi guys and welcome to the Discovering English Literature online course.

To be absolutely fair with you, I have never been a huge fan of literature lessons at school, and that is mostly because I believe that literature is something very personal, even intimate: it requires 'alone time' - time for the thoughts to form and reflections to be made - and all of this is, oh, so hard to do during a school lesson...

However, a great supporter of the theory that everything is possible, I have taken upon myself this challenge: I will try and create a course for you, friends! A course which you will not just have to take to get yet another grade and have one more box ticked, but which you will, hopefully, enjoy and remember.

Well, on y va then: please proceed to Lesson 1 and let's get this thing going!

I look forward to getting to know you all!

All the best,


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