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About this course

You see the Web as a kind of black box, and you'd like to understand what's under the hood? You fancy to create your own website easily with no prior knowledge in web languages? 

You're in the right place either way!

In this first course, that is the first of the Less Than Two Hours series, you'll discover how the World Wide Web works and, by the end of it, you'll be able to create a simplified web page in an online code editor.

Although it is designed to take no more than two hours, this course isn't a tutorial. Indeed, the purpose is here not only to teach you how to do things, but to have you really understand what you are doing.


      Subject:          Web Development

        Level:              Beginner

      Length:            2 hours

       Language:       English





This course is especially designed for absolute beginners.


Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • distinguish the Web from the Internet,
  • differentiate some unavoidable web languages' roles (HTML, CSS and JavaScript),
  • build up a basic HTML page and its linked CSS in an online code editor,
  • judge if you want to dive deeper into website creation!


Resource requirements

You just need a computer, an Internet access and an up-to-date browser.



Two quizzes:

  • A theoretical one to make sure you understood the concepts (passing grade: 80%),
  • A practical one that consists in spotting the mistakes in excerpts of HTML and CSS code (passing grade: 80%). 


What comes next? the Less Than Two Hours series

  • Build a Complete Web Page in Less Than Two Hours - Free
  • Build Your First Website with Bootstrap in Less Than Two Hours - Free


Course content

  • Introduction

  • Understand the environment

  • Write your content: an html page

  • Format your page: the CSS 'layer'

  • Your turn! Time to prepare for a little assignment

  • Feel like to go further?

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