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Welcome to Miss Sullivan's unit on 'English and the World of the Digital', an online unit for HSC English Studies.

Everything you do this term will be on this site, so it's a good idea to write down your username and password so that you have access to the site. You will also need access to the internet every lesson. It is preferable that you bring your DEC laptop and charger to class as we may not always have access to a computer room as a backup. If you forget to bring your laptop to class, you will complete a grammar activity book and will have to catch up on the content you missed in your own time.

All content, tasks and assessments are found by accessing the multiple tab pages to the left of your screen. You are to work through them in chronological order (in other words, don't skip to the end!) All tasks must be completed individually using the prompts and links provided.

If you click on the 'Tasks' tab at the top of the page, you will find a page where you can upload your tasks and assignments to Miss Sullivan for grading. Please note, all tasks must be submitted via this website; this is an online module and thus, it is important that you practise submitting tasks electronically.

You have two assignments for this module:

  • Formative Assessment: the digital portfolio. This is to be done individually and will be completed in class at the end of each week as a review of the case studies we will be learning about in the first half of the term.
  • Summative Assessment: the cyberbullying digital campaign. This will be done collaboratively in groups of four and will be your formal assessment task for this unit. You will find more information on this task under the tab 'Cyberbullying Campaign.' 

Course content

  • Glossary

  • Digital Texts

  • Establishing Context

  • Giants of the Digital Age

  • Technology of the Future

  • Digital Language

  • Digital Identity

  • Coding

  • Social Media

  • Evaluating the Web

  • Case Study: Wikileaks

  • Privacy and Metadata

  • Trolling and Flaming

  • Overexposed: Sexting

  • Cyberbullying Campaign

  • Online Evaluation

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