Digital Logic Design COE 202 ,  CS 151 & Digital Logic Lab. COE 203


mohamad kamal

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Welcome  to Digital Logic design COE 202 & CS 151. This dedicated  course is aimed  to students  teaching in  the faculty of computer ( for both sections COE & CS).  This  course include Introduction to information representation and number systems. Boolean algebra and switching theory. Manipulation and minimization of completely and incompletely specified Boolean functions. Physical properties of gates: fan-in, fan-out, propagation  delay, timing diagrams, and tri-state drivers. Introduction to hardware description languages (HDLs). VHDL.   System modeling using VHDL. Combinational circuit analysis and design, multiplexers, decoders, comparators, and adders. Sequential circuit analysis and design, basic flip-flops, clocking and timing diagrams. Registers, counters, RAMs, ROMs, PLAs, PLDs, and FPGAs.


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