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More than 20 years of experience in the field of teaching, research and development with the core competence in computer science and engineering and Informatique.

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This course intends to provide students with an introduction to Digital Forensic Science and the systematic process of acquiring, authenticating and analyzing digital evidence. 

Technical and managerial topics will be explored, providing students with both theoretical and practical hands-on experience using forensic equipment and software.  The additional topics of E-Discovery, Data Retention, Data Disposal, Litigation, Internal Investigations, Regulatory Compliance and Incident Response will also be discussed within the context of Digital Forensics. 

Students will have an opportunity to work with commercial and open source forensic software programs.


Learning Outcomes

1. To understand, evaluate and apply the knowledge of Forensics
2. To know and work with general forensic tools
3. To appreciate the digital forensic practices


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