Digital Citizenship Workshop


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Identification of the course

Digital Citizenship Workshop


Required textbooks or supplementary material


All resources required for this workshop will be provided throughout the course as necessary for the fulfillment of course requirements. These materials will be posted directly in the Eliademy course site.


                        General Information

                        Teacher: Rogene Carter

                        Location: Wuxi, China

                        Telephone: (+86) 138-6172-3525 (China)

                        Office: Available by appointment



Course Description/ Justification


 Course Description


This course is divided into five sections: introduction, digital citzenship, digital equity, safe, healthy, legal, and ethical technology use, and diversity, cultural understanding, and global awareness to give students competency in these fields and promote authentic and relevant learning for technology in current times.


 Justification/Rationale for Course


This course is designed for the professional and personal development workplace individuals in digital citizenship including ethnical usage of technology, cultural and diversity applications in technology, and current trends of technology. The completion of this course will lead to increased knowledge of current technology and its application.




The specific goals of this workshop are for students to be able to combine theoretical and practical knowledge of digital citizenship utilizing creative thinking, problem solving, group discussions, decision making, and responsibility taking.




By completing all assignments and tasks in this learning workshop, students shall develop proficiencies in


(Social, Ethical, and Human Issues)


-Utilize discussion forums to study the impact of technology on the developing world.


-Engage in group discussions about the cultural and ethnical implications of digital citizenship


-Define and retain key terms related to digital citizenship


-Utilize provided media information to structure arguments about digital citizenship




-Engage in five discussion forums including an introduction and four discussions about unit material


-Take four unit tests after the completion of all materials in that unit. 


-Complete two supplementary activities about safety and cultural understanding.


-Complete a course reflection.




All materials will be available immediately to the student and will be available to finish at their own pace. Discussion forums, however, will require active participation and often will require partner work, so this may delay the process of completing the course. It is suggested that students progress through units chronologically for their greatest benefit.



Introduction Forum  

Unit Forums 

Course Reflection     

1 at 20 points = 20 points

4 at 20 points each = 80 points

20 points 

Unit Tests

4 at 20 points each = 80 points

Supplementary Activities

2 at 25 points each = 50 points



Total = 250 points



Grading Scale:


                        A         90-100%         

                        B         80-89%           

                        C         70-79%           

                        D         60-69%           

                        F          59-0%             


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