Digital Citizenship Seminar


Carol Kelly


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Now that Rosenthal Montessori has a 1:1 initiative for 4th through 6th grades, it is imperative for us, the teachers, to understand and accept our role as online instructors and facilitators.  Through the units and activities in this course, you will learn what it means to be a safe, equitable, ethical, and culturally sensitive digital citizen.  This course will also guide you in how to approach these concepts with your students in your classroom.  As educators, we play a vital role in teaching our future leaders their rights and responsibilities as digital citizens.  

There are four units of focus, as you can see on the side panel.  Each unit is designed to introduce you to a topic, have you complete a task, and then have you show what you know through an assessment.  After you read about the content of the unit, click on the "task" tab to find your job for the lesson.  After you have completed the task, you will see the assessment for the unit for you to complete.  

Thank you for participating in this course.  I appreciate you helping me learn to be a better online teacher and facilitator.  

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