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 Digital Citizenship


Modules include:

Introduction to Digital Citizenship.

What is Digital Equity?

Safe, Healthy, Legal, and Ethical Technology Use.

  • Attentiveness to Diversity, Cultural Understanding, and Global Awareness in the classroom and the workplace.

    • Learning Objectives: Students will learn about the privileges and responsibilities of Digital Citizenship.

  • Each section contains a short activity designed for the student to explore the content.

  • Each section contains a graded assignment where students write a short essay or turn in a project on the content of the section. Check the Tasks tab for your assignment.

  • Use the discussion section for questions about the course and to post activity assignments.

  • Check the rubrics at the bottom of each section.

This course begins November 17, 2015 and must be completed by December 8, 2015. A certificate will be earned when the course is completed.



John Harrison

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