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In an increasingly technological society we are connected electronically in ways we could never have imagined several years ago. An important part of this use of technology is safety and responsibility. This concept is referred to as Digital Citizenship. More specifically digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.

Digital citizenship has commonly been broken up into nine parts or themes. In this course you will be taken through the nine themes that make up digital citizenship with specific focus on the most crucial themes that our students may encounter and experience during their time at CCF. 



Respect, Educate and Protect (REPs)

The concept of REPs is a way to explain as well as teach the themes of digital citizenship.  Each area encompasses three topics which should be taught beginning at the kindergarten level.  When teaching these ideas the top theme from each group would be taught as one REP.  For example the first REP would be: Etiquette, Communication and Rights/Responsibilities.  This would continue through REPs two and three.  By doing this all students will have covered the topics and everyone would understand the basic ideas of digital citizenship.

Respect Your Self/Respect Others

- Etiquette

- Access

- Law

Educate Your Self/Connect with Others

- Literacy

- Communication

- Commerce

Protect Your Self/Protect Others

-Rights and Responsibility

- Safety (Security)

- Health and Welfare



Following the last page there will be a short quiz. Upon completion of the quiz a certificate of completion will be sent to your email address. 


This course should take around 1 Hour to complete!



Course content

  • Digital Access

  • Digital Communication

  • Digital Literacy

  • Digital Etiquette

  • Digital Law

  • Digital Rights and Responsibilty

  • Digital Health and Wellness

  • Digital Security

  • Digital Commerce

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