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Asko Mononen

Senior lecturer, business management

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Welcome to online course about Digital analytics and consumer insights!

This course is designed for bachelor students aiming to become digital marketing professionals.

As result of this course you will be familiar with the trends, principles and details of digital analytics and deeply understanding the consumers online.

After taking the course you are able to

  • recognize the consumer behavior offline and online (per main demographics)

  • plan data collection points and methods online

  • analyze data (e.g. aggregation, trends, comparison)

  • visualize results (e.g. dashboards)

  • plan consumer activation methods based on data

 + you will get 5 credits and possibly a Google Analytics -certificate (hotter than hot when looking for a job)  :-)

This course has been designed and planned by a team of Laurea lecturers who will also be your facilitators in this course:

- Asko Mononen, Senior Lecturer

- Ville Saarikoski, Principal Lecturer

and assisted by Tuija Marstio, Eija Lipasti and Joel Korhonen.


Special thanks our digital analytics guru Antti Kärki, Lohjan Digimarkkinointi (digital marketing). You will see later interesting video content, where we interviewed him on this topic.  

Take a look at Antti's introduction and background and how to recognize consumer behavior online.




(Extra: below you can see Lohjan digimarkkinointin -introduction which is a good overview on how digital marketing functions - it has good visualization, unfortunately sound is only in Finnish).


More about Antti's company on his website.


At the moment, there is a growing demand for digital marketing and -analytics competence in a job market (Finland and globally). E.g. in 24.2.2017 there's 53 analytics entry-medium level positions open in Finland (rolling figures at LinkedIn: )

 If you are interested in digital marketing and -analytics as a career, here's Antti's take on what should you learn more about. 





Course structure?

Course is structured in chapters, see the navigation on the left panel of the page. 

Proceed through the chapters in a top-down order, go first to Practical information and then to Chapter 1, etc.




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