ABC to digital advocacy on the international level


Kalle Ristikartano


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This ABC course to digital advocacy on the international level aims to deliver what it says: a compact course to the basics of making a change online, worldwide. The course has three subsections:

1) ABC to change making

2) ABC to digitality

3) ABC to international settings

All the subsections have short descriptions of the fields they cover, few tasks and links to provide you more to be learned. When planning this course, I thrived to make it more like a community based open notebook. So many of the tasks provide you with Google Drive documents and folders that are there for all the participants of this course to contribute and so increase the shared knowledge.

I created this course as part of Council of Europe's TRAYCE training of trainers during 2015-2016. I hope you will find the course helpful.

Tampere 15.6.2016

Kalle Ristikartano

Course content

  • ABC to change making

  • ABC to digitality

  • ABC to international settings

  • Under development

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