Developing Your HTML5 Knowledge


Adam Crookes

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This is an ongoing course, so head straight to the constantly updating content to start learning!

This course will enable you to develop your basic knowledge and understanding of the coding language - HTML5, for use in more complex and cooler ways!


Learning Objectives:

> To develop our knowledge of HTML5.

> To understand some history behind HTML.

> To know how to make effective use of the coding language.



Small assessment tasks will be at the end of each unit, it is key that you take notes of the information given to you. For each unit there is a unit summary sheet which abreviates everything on the slideshow which is helpful for note making. The small assessments will typically include problem solving around the code and puzzles that encourages problem solving.


Personalized Learning:

As a student myself at a high/secondary school, I understand that me and my peers all learn in different ways; which is why I feel it is important that throughout this course you are offered some personalized learning tailored to you. If you feel that you require some personalized learning activites/tests/revision to either work on weak on some of your weaker areas or to challenge some areas of this subject which you feel you can be pushed at to achieve your full potential; then please feel free to contact me.


About the Course Instructor:

Adam Crookes is a highly motivated Web Designer with his own business - Capture Web Design, with experience of creating and developing websites for small businesses and organisations. He enjoys professional development and expanding his knowledge in a variety of fields, especilally when it involves learning new coding languages. Most recently he completed a online Diploma in Web Development at the age of just 13.

Have a look at Adam's web design business and his LinkedIn profile.


Course content

  • Unit 1 - Marquee Codes

  • Unit 2 - Tables

  • Unit 3 - Lists

  • Unit 4 - Borders

  • Unit 5 - Colour & Fonts

  • Unit 6 - Login Form

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