Developing Collaborative Competence in the 21st century


Emmanuel Abruquah


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Jaakko Takalo


The purpose of this course is to provide the opportunity for students to experience intercultural communication with students from other countries in order to acquire 21st century collaborative competence to give them competitive advantage in global employabiity. The objectives are to provide the platform for students to gain language competence in speaking, listening and writing. Students will also be able to present their ideas in a form of an elevator pitch.

Target Competences

  • Language competence: speaking, listening, reading and writing skills; making interviews, analysing data,
  • Intercultural skills: realizing differences in everyday routines, understanding and accepting potential sources of cultural hicups.
  • Online communication skills: using IT (Skype, e-mail, Google Hangout, etc.)

Activity objectives

At the end of this activity students will be able to

  • notice and understand cultural differences in everyday routines
  • analyse and arrange information according to certain guidelines
  • collect information and knowledge about a culture other than theirs
  • prepare media board with cultural hicks-ups: cultural issues that prevent effective communication

Language Configuration

Lingua Franca – English for all partners

Recommended Online Tools

Each Telecollaborative Activity may include a combination of different online tools. The tools recommended for this telecollaboration are:

  • Email
  • Skype
  • Google Hangout
  • Facebook
  • etc..


Task Description Start date End date
1 Introduction to intercultural communication and Tellecollaboration 9.9.2016  
2. Getting to know your group members 16-19.9.2016  

Group Task: Creating Media Board

Research: Intercultural hiccups that hinder communication in the 21 century worklife.

Format: Cartoon, poster or video

Pitching and voting for the best Media board

21.11-25.11.2016  28.11


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