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Welcome to the course!

Destination Finland, 5 cr


Extent in credits: 5 ECTS credits (1 cr = 27 hours of student's work)

University: South Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Open UAS,  Department Tourism and hospitality

Credited in degree: Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality, Department Tourism and hospitality

Competence according to curriculum: Optional studies


Place: Online studies in English.

Time: Overall time is 13.1.2017-14.5.2017

Enrolment by: 15.1.2017

Fee: free


Target group: M5216SA , M5216SSAB

Prior know-how and skills: None.

Size of the group: 70

Lecturer: Mrs Sirpa Sahinjoki, email


Learning outcomes:

On this online course you will explore Finland as a travel destination.

As a tourist or a travel and tourism professional you will often have to know everything about everything. It is not enough to know your destination, your customers want to learn about the country in general as well.

Destination Finland has been designed to give you an opportunity to explore Finland from various viewpoints:

  • geography and climate
  • history
  • state and government
  • Finns and their lifestyle
  • special features of Finnish tourism
  • major tourist areas and popular tourist attractions
  • design and famous designers
  • music, composers and music festivals


Schedules and assignments:

The course is divided into 5 separate assignments 1 ECTS credit (cr) each.

Each assignment is credited with 1 cr and the minimum of 5 cr is required to complete the course. The maximum number of credits is 5.

Assignments are given in the format of multiple-choice questions. In order to pass 90 % of the questions must be answered correctly.

Each student is responsible for creating a schedule for him/herself for the completion of the course. 

Completing the course is evaluated with the grades Passed or Failed.








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