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Island Mystic


My work has been that of a Medicine Woman for over fifty years. As a child I began training by "shadowing" my grandmother, an indigenous medicine woman, as she worked and this still forms the core of my work in the direct earthy penetrating way of island people. Later I joined the Sisters in religious life and service in the Church before moving on to travel and study and serve in many ways in the USA and England and other Caribbean islands. So as a doctor of alternative medicine trained in India, spiritual coach and counsellor, mother and fellow adventurer in life, I bring the medicine I carry in me to share with you.


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This course is a therapist led and group supported brief focused therapy to guide you through and out of that thick numbing grey cloud we call Depression. While it is serious work, it is presented in a conversational style and engaging manner as we approach the work as a journey. Along the way you will learn some surprising and useful skills and feel yourself in a whole new delightful way.



The content is helpful for everyone but it is designed specially for those in active depression so expect it to be short, elegant, simple and clear. 



1. To raise your energy level and feel vibrant almost effortlessly. Without energy we do nothing.

2. To manage your mind in a useful way. Learn some surprising things about your thoughts.

3. To locate your elusive Will Power and ignite it. Never have to force yourself again.

4. To draw love into you. You have a lot of love all around you but I bet you would love to actually feel some of  it  inside of you.

5. A whole new way of looking at Depression.

The course runs until the 30th September 2014. You may enroll at any time before then and enjoy all access to materials and discussions and group sessions.

Course material is in the form of fairly short units of text and videos.
There will be questions to consider,
Activities and assignments to engage in
Group LIVE sessions weekly to work on problem solving skills and expanding your options.
Dyads LIVE . A special type of one on one peer session where you experience being really listened to and you learn in turn how to listen and how to really be supportive.


Points to Note:
1. This course and all material is intended for adults only.

2. No medical advice is given or intended. 

No exploration of Depression is complete without a discussion of antidepressant medication so we do discuss this. Discuss not Advise.

3.What kind of mystical course would this be if I didn't offer you an opportunity to go deeper than the obvious.
We are going to confront the cause of Depression that everyone else seems to be avoiding. If you recognize this, the whole situation changes and possibly even makes a kind of weird sense.

At various points in the course you will be offered a "Red Pill". Take it or not. Your choice.

Now is good.


Course content

  • Introduction

  • The Destination

  • The Landscape

  • Just for men

  • The vehicle

  • The fuel

  • The Journey - the practices

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