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HP Skylahsage and HP Raven Moon are co-owners and the main instructors at Witches Academy.


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Through the 40 weeks of this course we will take a closer look into the deities of some of the most well known pantheons. We will focus primarily on Greek/Roman, Norse, Celtic and Egyptian. For the sake of time we will combine the Greek and Roman deities as most of them are the same with differing names. Throughout this course you will not only learn the mythology and representation of each deity we cover but also ways to honor this deity in a modern society along with the ways our ancestors honored them.

This course is a prerequisite for Deities 202. Certification will be issued upon completion and is required to enroll in any deities classes other than Deities Year and A Day. Year and a Day classes are not a requirement but it is a plus as we will be delving deeper than just the basic knowledge of these deities.

Class is taught by B.T. Woods (a.k.a. Celtic Cherokee, Instructor at Witches Academy Year and a Day) a published author who has studied Mythology and Deities for 22 years. We may also have guest instructors as time allows.


Serious students only, as this does come with reading, studying, writing assignments, live sessions and tests. 

Enrollment will end on January 25, 2015


Cost is $40  

It is apporximately $1 per week for 40 weeks

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