Defense Against the Dark Arts: First Year


Thomas Grimes


I recently started teaching the wizarding world of Hogwarts. I brought my information back to Canada and am now teaching students online for free! DADA is one of my favourite courses within the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


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Welcome all new comers!

This course of Defense Against the Dark Arts is based on the Harry Potter world of witchcraft and wizardry. This curriculum created is based on what was used at Hogwarts. The point of this course is to let you people to learn about the wizardry world and what mythical beings were used in such an amazing book/movie series.

I, the professor, expect that you, the student, will work hard in the following course. I want you to consider this as an actual course at a school, and so you must do your best! Because you joined this course, I expect you to complete all the work. 



At Hogwarts, their marking system is quite simple:

Passing Grade

        O - Outstanding
        E - Exceeds Expectations
        A - Acceptable

Failing Grades

        P - Poor
        D - Dreadful
        T - Troll

I will be using this Assessment that I have made for the class:

Lesson Assignments 10%
Lesson Essays 10%
Term Project 20%
Mid-Term 20%
Final Exam 40%


I may get you to write out a small essay (a few paragraphs) and so, there will be a different rubric for how I will mark them for each assignment I give you.

Be sure that you complete all the assignments!



    Lesson 1.1: Verdimillious; Lumos; Vermillious

    Lesson 1.2: Dark Arts Brief History, 3 Classifications - Jinx, Hex, Curse

    Lesson 1.3: Curse of the Bogeys; Knockback Jinx

    Lesson 1.4: 3 Categories of Creatures; Imps; Bowtruckles

    Lesson 1.5: Gnomes; Doxies

    Lesson 1.M: MIDTERM

    Lesson 1.6: Periculum; Smokescreen Spell

    Lesson 1.7: Hags; Ghosts; Werewolf (bites)

    Lesson 1.8: Year Review


** This outline is specifically made by me. I made this from the actual Hogwarts Curriculum First Year DADA Class. Some things, I did leave out.



In each lectured lesson, there will be an assignment, whether it is a multiple choice quiz or short answers, for you to complete. The lesson assignments end up being 10% of your Grade. There will also be a writing assignment for most lessons which you will need to complete as well. Those end up being 10% of your Grade.


The largest assignment that you will need to complete by the end of the course is the Term Project. This assignment is worth 20% of your Grade, so you should not skip this assignment. 


Midway through the course, there will be a Mid-Term Assignment. The Mid-Term is worth 20% of your Grade. Then at the end of the course, there will be a Cumulative Final Exam which you must write and will be worth 40% of your Grade.



You will receive a Defense Against the Dark Arts Year 1 Certificate after completing and passing the course.

In order to pass the course to receive this certificate and move on, you must:

  • complete each lesson and assignments
  • write the Mid-Term
  • write the Final Exam
  • pass the course with overall average of...... 60% or better

If you meet all the requirements, you will receive a certificate.



Feel free to contact me, Severus Snape, any time you like. I will try to get back as soon as I can. Contact me by email at:


I look forward to teaching you what many of the students learned in Hogwarts!


Course content

  • Lesson 1.1: Verdimillious; Lumos; Vermillious

  • Lesson 1.2: History; 3 Classifications

  • Lesson 1.3: Knockback Jinx; Curse of the Bogeys

  • Lesson 1.4: Categories of Creatures; Imps; Bowtruckles

  • Lesson 1.5: Gnomes; Doxies

  • Lesson 1.M: MidTerm Examination

  • Lesson 1.6 Periculum; Smokescreen Spell

  • Lesson 1.7: Hags; Ghosts; Werewolf Bites

  • Lesson 1.8: Review

  • Lesson 1.F: Final Examination

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