Adam Weaver

Surveillance Manager


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Day 1

Immediately upon starting your shift, you should read and sign two copies of the confidentiality agreement. One will go to HR and the other will remain in your Surveillance folder. Below is a list of tasks that are found in the Day 1 course:

  • 10 Codes
  • Phone & Radio Etiquette
  • Radio Procedures for CSP
  • Surveillance Room Access List
  • A Day in the Life of a Surveillance Operator
  • An Introduction to the Department
  • Surveillance is not the Enemy - Michael Joseph
  • The CSI Effect - Derk Boss
  • Tips for Camera Usage
  • Basic Definitions 

In addition to the reading listed above, you will be given a tour of the Casino, shown how to use the Surveillance Camera System, and informed how to use the Call-In Line.

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