An Introduction to Data Science


Marc Teunis


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The amount of data in Science is rapidly expanding. In the field of Life Sciences the increase in experimental data can be attributed to the reduction of costs for a number of methods. The costs for sequencing a full genome is a fraction of what it used to be. This leads to an increasing demand for different skills in handeling and analyzing the data.

Data Science is the field that specializes in the handeling, the development of tools and the analysis of data, in all it's forms. This course will provide a comprehensive introduction in Data Science from the Biologist's point of view.

You will learn more about the toolbox of the Data Scientist. One of the most important tools is computer code, or programs. You will learn what types of software can help us performing complex data manipulations, tidying data and analysis and we you will get an introduction to one of the tools for the Data Scientist that is rapidly increasing in popularity: "R". 

R is a programming language that was originally developed for handeling complex statistical approaches. Nowadays R has expanded in it bing used in almost all fields of Science.

A word of warning: Once you get to know R, your life will never be the same!   


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