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Course Description: 

During this class you will learn to read and write critically. You will examine both fiction and nonfiction texts in order to gain a better understanding of the world around you.  By learning to read and write critically you will be better prepared to enter college or the work force. This class will teach you time management, communication, and collaboration skills that are necessary for lifelong success. By completing the readings and writing assignments you will also increase your knowledge base allowing you to hold conversations with people of all backgrounds and helping you to understand allusions in popular culture of which other people are aware. 

Class Policies: 

Instructor’s Expectations: This is a high school course.  As such I expect that you will take the course seriously and behave in a mature manner.  This means you are expected to:

  1. Be prepared. You must complete the readings and assignments. If you are unprepared to participate your grade will be negatively impacted.
  2. Participate. You must ask questions, participate in activities, and practice in order to be successful.
  3. Be respectful.  At times our discussions may find people disagreeing over views.  This is a healthy part of discourse.  Please make sure to maintain a respectful tone. I do not allow students to use any “trigger” words in my classroom.  It is disrespectful and rude.  This includes words like “retard,” “gay,” and the “n-word.”  Also, refrain from swearing.
  4. Use proper English.  Different environments call for different forms of language.  The way you speak in class should be more formal than the way you speak when hanging out with your friends. This is good practice for when you are in the workforce.

Behavior Policy:  As high school students I expect you to require very little redirection with regard to behavior.  If you are violating any of the above expectations or creating an environment that is unsafe or is distracting to others who are attempting to learn you will be given a warning.

Plagiarism: In the Internet age we live in it has become very easy to copy and paste work and claim it as our own.  This is plagiarism in its worst form.  However, plagiarism actually includes anytime you take information from someone else and include it in your work without giving credit, even if you put it into your own words.  Throughout this class I will teach you more about how to properly credit your sources to avoid plagiarizing.  Blatant plagiarism (the copy and paste type) will result in an automatic zero on the assignment.  I will also follow any policies the school has in place regarding academic dishonesty/cheating.  Other forms of plagiarism will be dealt with on a case by case basis however they all will have a negative impact on your grade.  I may not catch every single case of plagiarism but I do catch many of them.  Remember, I know how to use Google too! 

Technology & Technology Skill Requirements

In your future careers or at college you will most likely be required to use computers on a daily basis.  To that end you will need access to computers at times throughout this course.  Take note of the hours the library is open and the computer labs here at school.  Figure out how you will access these computers when necessary.  You will need to be able to use Microsoft Word to type your assignments.  If you do not know how to use this program please seek me out early in the course so that I can give you a brief tutorial.

Grading Scale

  • A = 90-100
  • B = 80-89
  • C = 70-79
  • D = 60-69
  • F = Below 60

Final Thoughts:

You will notice there is an emphasis on personal responsibility in this course.  As you are getting older your responsibilities will increase.  You must pay attention to due dates and make sure you are consistently attending class in order to be successful.  My hope is that in addition to learning the content you will learn and master valuable life skills that will serve you forever.  My goal for this class is for everyone to be successful.  Please do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it.  I’m excited to get to know you and to have a fun and engaging year.

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