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DaNutri Medical Nutrition Consulting Center

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Once you learned that you are pregnant, do you feel excited, yet nervous? It is because there are many doubts coming to hit you during pregnancy:

  • What food you can eat and cannot eat?
  • What nutrients are important to you and may need supplement?
  • What is the proper weight gain for optimal health for the baby?

When the baby is born, there will be even more doubts:

  • How many meals should I feed my baby in a day?
  • Do I have enough supply of breast milk for my baby? What to do if I don't have enough supply? Is formula-feeding as good as breastfeeding?
  • When should my baby start to eat solid food? How do I get my baby to like eating solid food? 

It is normal not to know how to deal with various situations as it is the first time in life. However, it is important for mothers and expected mothers to be willing to acquire knowledge as well as skills. DaNutri's Maternal and Infant Nutrition Program is specifically for pregnant women and new mothers! This program is completely web-based. You can also come to our clinic to consult with a registered dietitian. Either way, we will ensure you have a safe and healthy pregnancy, postpartum, and infant feeding journey.

Services and Features:

  • Dietitians assess the nutritional status of expected and new mothers
  • Dietitians plan weight management and nutritional needs for expected and new mothers
  • Dietitians analyze the current diet for expected and new mothers
  • Dietitians answer questions throughout pregnancy and postpartum
  • Dietitians teach postpartum recovery and infant feeding skills
  • Dietitians provide free maternal and infant nutrition-related information
  • Dietitians are available through online or offline mode

We provide free information on maternal and infant nutrition on this website, but It is not everything. You are encouraged to use our service for further information and one-on-one nutrition education and counseling. DaNutri is dedicated to help achieving your maternal and infant health goals!

Let’s get started!

Course content

  • Pregnancy - Nutrition Need

  • Pregnancy - Food Safety

  • Pregnancy - Morning Sickness

  • Postpartum - Breastfeeding

  • Postpartum - Formula Feeding

  • Postpartum - Recovery of Body

  • Infant Feeding - 0-6 Months

  • Infant Feeding - 6-12 months

  • Infant Feeding - Eating Habits

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