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Daniel Taylor

I am a headmaster at Daniel Taylor's School of Memes. I enjoy teaching others about the wonders of the internet. I have a coding background and can code in C++, JavaScript, Lua and HTML.

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Isabella McIlwee
Jared Kelly
Love it
Jared Kelly
Good lessons, nice instructor
Jack Irwin
OML ths is amazing


Welcome to Daniel Taylor's School of Memes!


We offer 3 core subjects which are:

-Most Popular Memes

-Meme History

-Derp Face Memes


We also offer 4 elective subjects which are:

-Anime Memes

-Youtube Memes

-Video Game Memes

-Television Memes


What do I have to do?

To graduate from Daniel Taylor's School Of Memes you need to pass all 3 core subjects and at least 1 elective. More electives can be completed if you desire. To complete a subject you need to score at least 50% in the final exam and attempt all quizzes.More electives can be chosen if you desire. Once you complete this course you will recieve a PHD in Meme Science (a certificate), that you can use to brag about your meme mastery on various Reddit threads and 4chan forums




Headmaster: Daniel Taylor - Professor of Video Game Memes/Youtube Memes




Naomi Kelly - Professor of Meme History/Popular Memes

Jessica Pham - Professor of Anime Memes/TV Memes

Everyone - Derp Face Memes

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