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The objective of this lesson is to teach the the varied skills required for the role of DACUM co-ordinator.


What is Dacum?

DACUM is an acronym for developing a curriculum. It is a one or two day storyboarding process that provides a picture of what the worker does in terms of duties, tasks, knowledge, skills, traits and in some cases the tools the worker uses. The information is presented in graphic chart form and can include information on critical and frequently performed tasks and the training needs of workers. For additional information on DACUM, contact the training resource center at:

This lesson discusses the importance of the DACUM co-ordinator skills.

Successful DACUM projects are dependent upon a skilled co-ordinator, whose main function is to provide criteria, direction, guidelines, and analogies to help the learners accomplish tasks. Successful co -ordinators must possess many skills including: clear handwriting, familiarity with curriculums, ability to resolve “skill-knowledge” debates, patience, unyielding in applying DACUM principles, ability to conduct on-the-spot orientation of general principles, ability to determine when members are drifting from basic framework, able to keep attention on the DACUM wall, and assistance with composing skills definition statements.


This lesson is an extension of web based training.  The content is sourced from the course textbook, online materials, and other resources.


Course content

  • DACUM Co-ordinator Skills

  • Potential DACUM Committee Challenges

  • References

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