Ms. Jennise Conley

Neuroeducational Specialist/Secondary Instructor


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bigguns2382: yo bf
bieberfever15: hi, do I know you?
bigguns2382: oh i bet u wish u did, u homo
bieberfever15: who is this
bigguns2382: why, u mad breh? u gonna run to ur boyfriend and tell him while ur sucking his dick?
bieberfever15: im logging off bye
bigguns2382: wouldn't do that if i were u… unless u want me to send around this pic of u and mr. Carson blowing each other
bieberfever15: why are you doing this

0bustyouup0: heyyy katie… its brian!
katiep2: hey… whats with weird screenname
0bustyouup0: oh, just a joke ha ha
katiep2: weird joke
0bustyouup0: yeah. hey here's something thats not a joke… this isnt brian. oh yeah, and im outside ur house right now, better run quick. coming in thru kitchen window. will give you one min head start…

yourworstnightmare97: hey numberlover, can i get some hlp
numberlover17: Sure! Happy to help if I can! What are you stuck on?
yourworstnightmare97: im stuck on this one prblem thats driving me crazy
numberlover17: Sure, just type in chat box and I'll do my best!
yourworstnightmare97: my problem is that i want to crush ur skull
numberlover17: Please leave this room. It is for serious students only.
yourworstnightmare97: i am srsly going to END UR LIFE, u stupid shit. u will nvr make it to school tmrow. im going to ambosh u outside ur house and kill u. i know where ur dum ass lives.
numberlover17: I'm calling a moderator…
yourworstnightmare97: go ahead call modratr u worthluss pile of shit. it will be the last thing u evr do

Seem extreme? Probably not. We're guessing you've seen way worse.

But we're not here to yammer on about why bullying is bad, because (a) duh, and (b) that's been done. Sure, we'll yammer a little, but mostly, we'll just expose you to some info and let you figure the rest out for yourself.






By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • define cyberbullying according to your own standards, and understand the wide array of definitions that can be associated with the term.
  • distinguish cyberbullying from in-person bullying.
  • identify the positive impact that online communities can have.
  • take the appropriate steps toward creating a safe online environment for you and those around you.
  • understand the consequences of cyberbullying for the victim, the bully, and everyone else involved.
  • take the appropriate steps toward reporting cyberbullying.
  • empathize with the victims of cyberbullying and their friends and families, seeing them as more than just sad statistics.

Course content

  • Cyberbullying - What You'll Need For This Course

  • Lesson 1: What is Online Bullying?

  • Lesson 1 (Reading): Tread Lightly

  • Lesson 2: Online Safety

  • Lesson 2 (Reading): Pro Tips

  • Lesson 3: The Consequences

  • Lesson 3( Reading): Everyone

  • Lesson 4: How to Report It

  • Lesson 4 (Reading): What to Do

  • Course Evaluation

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