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Olivia Kinney


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  The purpose of this training is to exemplify how Disney’s trade secrets can be used to ArcherPoint’s advantage. By using Disney’s customer service philosophy, ArcherPoint tribe members can provide the same magic to clients that Disney consistently creates. You will learn how the discipline of applying these ideas everyday can help you and your tribe reach your maximum service potential.


ArcherPoint's Vision

   To improve the overall quality of the customer experience in all areas of ArcherPoint through systematic and consistent practices and processes, always through the lens of the customer.


Our Approach

     This training will introduce key concepts from, "Lessons from the Mouse," a book written by Dennis Snow, an ex-Disney Cast Member who experienced moving from ticket taking to an executive position at The Walt Disney Company. The book explains how Disney has created a culture of consistently providing excellent customer service. These lessons will give you an opportunity to reflect and digest them through various activities found in the "Tasks" tab. Each lesson will have a corresponding activity to help you practice the teachings in your own job. 


What You Can Gain

   Dennis Snow's philosophy focuses on improving employee satisfaction and job enjoyment which can then ripple onto client interactions. By participating in this training, the Service Improvement Team hopes that you will find more meaning, and have more fun at your job.


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