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This Speed Course provides you with introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its business benefits. CSR is about companies taking responsibility for their impact on society and environment. So it is not about charity, its a key driver for successful, future-proof business.

The focus is on international business: what topics to look at, how to integrate CSR into operations from sourcing to sales and how to communicate about CSR .

The course is targeted at all public officials and consultants who support companies in international business development.

The course consists of 10 short videos that you can watch separately or in one go. Watching all the ten sections will take you about 45 minutes. The course slides and additional support materials are provided in each section.

The course is developed jointly by FIBS Corporate Responsibility Network and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Course content

  • What is CSR?

  • What benefits does the CSR offer?

  • The CSR and the Finnish Government

  • CSR and international business

  • Important issues

  • CSR in supply chains

  • CSR Tools

  • Funding and guidance

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