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This course is to aid with your studies/preparation for the CSEC General Mathematics Examinations. This course uses the syllabus provided by the CXC, which aims to:  

1. help students appreciate the use of mathematics as a form of communication;

 2. help students acquire a range of mathematical techniques and skills and to foster and maintain the awareness of the importance of accuracy;  

3. make Mathematics relevant to the interests and experiences of students by helping them to recognise Mathematics in their environment;  

4. cultivate the ability to apply mathematical knowledge to the solution of problems which are meaningful to students as citizens;  

5. help students cultivate the ability to think logically and critically;  

6. help students develop positive attitudes, such as open-mindedness, self-reliance, persistence and a spirit of enquiry;

 7. prepare students for the use of Mathematics in further studies;

 8. help students develop an appreciation of the wide application of Mathematics and its influence in the development and advancement of civilisation;

 9. help students become increasingly aware of the unifying structure of Mathematics.  



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