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Weekly Learning Goals.


Week 1:   Strategy

~ generate a piece of work that can undergo deconstruction, edting, and revise.
~become accustom to editing and revising- lose attachment to the first draft.

~ Understand the basic components of a story.


Week 2:  Storyline
~ outline a structure for a 3 stories based on the group exercise format.  Take the 3 plots through critical analysis and pick the best one.


Week 3:  Style
~ Learn various techniques to tell a story ( Narrative, 1st/ 3rd person, moment by moment, out of body, exec)

Apply Various techniques to your piece and discover which tells it best.


Week: 4 Structure

Learn about techniques for structuring ( foreshadowing, compartmentalising, re-ordering sequences,  Multi perspective narration. )

Apply Various techniques and find a preference for your story.


Week 5: Voice

Learn about character attribution through voice and dialogue. Tone, Rhythm, sarcasm, juxtaposition, repetition, cutting short, floral, condescension, juvenility.

Apply Various techniques and find a preference for your story.


Week 6:  Final Product

Submitting story for Peer review and grading. Reviewing others stories.

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