Sergey Gerasimenko

Sergey is a co-founder and the Chief Product Officer at CBTec. Originally from the south of Russia, Sergey has a background in computer science and engineering and is passionate about great user experience. Prior to CBTec, Sergey worked at Nokia where he managed software projects for N900 and N9 and helped developing one of first home automation systems. He graduated with Master Degree from Helsinki University of Technology where he studied Mobile Computing and with Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from South Federal University in Russia. He loves sculpting, outdoors activities such as biking and hiking, and considers videogames and graphical novels a new form of art.


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FundedByMe is a crowdfunding portal based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company has been reported as an early entrant to the worldwide crowdfunding market and is particularly active in Scandinavia where the company "has moved to the center of the Swedish and Norwegian speaking crowdfunding market by being the largest hub where musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs can post their projects in Swedish and Norwegian, giving other products the benefit of an interested local network".[1] FundedByMe's native language is English, and site users can choose to list their project in any of supported language.

The company was founded in April 2011.[2] In September 2012, the company launched FundedByMe Equity, an equity crowdfunding portal in addition to its donation crowdfunding portal.[3]



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