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Functionality has been added to the Compass Reservation System to support charging of deposits and cancellation fees for reservations. 

What is charging?

The configuration of credit card charging is managed by Account Executives using the Meeting Hotel Policies settings. When enabled, all functionality will adhere to these policies in both internal Agent Interface and the external reservation website. This chapter will cover the details of the setup and user experiences as well as any troubleshooting and frequently asked questions. 

How exactly does the card get charged anyway?

All credit cards are being processed via a secure integration with a PCI compliant third party vendor, Stripe. When reservations are booked (internally or externally) the rooms are flagged as requiring a deposit and will be queued for processing via Stripe. Processing does not happen in real time, but will run in batches throughout the day and the user will receive clear communication on the status of their reservation and any obligations outstanding. We'll go into that in more detail in this chapter. 


A training session was conducted upon release of this feature and the full video is available below. Sections within this chapter include shorter videos on specific topics as well as full documentation of the process and setup needed. 

Training: Credit Card Charging in Compass


Course content

  • What kind of charging is supported?

  • Setting up a charging event

  • External Interface: Booking a reservation

  • Internal Interface: Booking a reservation

  • Resolving Failures/Issues: Externally

  • Resolving Failures/Issues: Internally

  • Conformation Email Types

  • Reporting

  • FAQs

  • Phase 2

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