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Creative Steps 2.0 (CS 2.0) within the project called Creative Momentum, funded by EU, is a creative process of workshops that aims to support the creative sector companies development of an existing product or service or to create completely new idea for businesses.  CS 2.0  is an intensive 10 day process – step-by-step path with the set of creative tools in which student teams and comapanies/entrepreneurs will work on a business idea/product/service and bring it to the new level.

Selected companies from different countries are matched together. Companies will define background material for a case by using 10Q method and assigned team of students, Creative Team (CT), will work on this challenge/problem. During the the process work happens in face to face sessions and via internet. Companies are participating via internet.

At the end of the workshop new project/service/business idea and it´s prototype is presented.

For Companies - participating in CS 2.0 workshop will give an opportunity to innovate and look at your business idea/product/service from completely new and unusual perspective. The final outcome of the CS 2.0 workshop is a new product/service/business idea. You get the help from international students and you get new international partner.

For Students - The workshop contains Creative Thinking, Business Thinking, an Ideation Toolkit, Performance Training, Practical Working, Networking. CS 2.0 workshop offers an environment where you become familiar with these concepts by working in an innovation project in creative teams.

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