Creating Your First Video Game


Antti Perälä


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During this course we will create 2D video games from scratch using a free version of a program called Construct 2. The finished games can be exported as HTML5-files and played on any web browser. The course consists of video tutorials and progress check -questions. The course will also include a bonus video game that you can play in tandem with your course progress; in other words, when you watch our video lessons, you will be rewarded with secrets that help you play the bonus game further. You do not need any previous experience in video game design to participate in this course. At the end of the course you will design and create your own video game from scratch.


Technical requirements:

-A computer running Windows XP Service Pack 3 or newer (Windows 7 or 8 are recommended)

-If you have a Linux or Mac computer, you might still be able to use the software through a virtual box -setup. I tested doing this with Linux Mint and it worked well.


Course structure:

1. Introductions

1.1 Welcome

1.2 Kickstarting the course: The five minute platformer

1.3 Is Construct 2 deep enough for developing complex games

1.4 Downloading and installing Construct

1.5 Downloading and using the manual

2. Building a basic platformer

2.1.1 What are we going to build

2.1.2 Preparations

2.1.3 Creating game graphics (several possible techniques)

2.1.4 Creating the layout

2.1.5 Creating the player

2.1.6 Testing the game

2.1.7 Adding game events

2.1.8. Creating an enemy

2.1.9. Creating a health system

2.2.1 Special movement

2.2.2 Creating other layouts

2.2.3 Advanced functionality

2.2.4 The saw collectible

2.2.5 Particle systems

2.2.6 Object instance health

2.2.7 Animating the tree falling down

2.2.8 Ending the game


4. Course work task:

Here are the instructions for the course work task:

-Create a basic game in Construct 2. You can use your imagination freely but the following criteria must be met:

*We have two common themes to choose from: "nature" or "underground". You can freely and loosely interpret the theme in your work.

*The game must have a minimum of two levels

*The game must have some kind of enemies and a health system

*There should be something for the player to collect

*It should be possible to complete the game

-You can choose whether you create the course work task on your own or if you want to pair up with someone. Groups cannot be larger than two people though.

-The deadline for your course work is July 31st 2015.

-The finished game is uploaded as a singe capX-file to Eliademy.

-The course work will get peer reviewed and if it meets the criteria you will pass the course. Every student will peer-review two randomly selected course works.

All lessons are now live at!


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