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What is Curricular Practical Training (CPT)?

Definition: Curricular practical training (CPT) is employment or training pursuant to an internship requirement or internship elective which is an integral part of the established curriculum of the school, which will be counted towards completion of your degree. Do NOT engage in PAID or UNPAID work off campus without first speaking to the SEVIS Office.

Why do I need approval to work off campus for an internship?

It is important to emphasize F-1 students have proof of financial support upon arrival to KSU, thus negating the need to work off campus solely for money. Therefore, no CPT or internship is approved for the purpose of supporting oneself financially. F-1 students are designed to complete their program and if necessary and authorized, may gain curricular training associated with their major. The only time a student may have an internship is if they are concurrently enrolled in a(n internship) course showing they will receive academic credit during the time they are working or if the degree requires the training inclusive of all students in that major. This satisfies the regulation for USCIS that a student is gaining work experience for academic purposes rather than for financial support. CPT taken without integrated coursework does not sustain F-1 nonimmigrant status at KSU. The internship sought must be a part of the degree requirements, such as a mandatory training course or a free elective inclusive of the degree.



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