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Then, how to easily create a website that is SEO friendly? There are several ways that are frequently practiced by the website owner or blogger. Usually, related to the content, keywords, as well as the design of the website, as well as embed the HTML code in the template.

Here are five easy tricks to try to make a kursus website SEO friendly:
1. Use quality content

High quality content is contextually relevant, which will facilitate the search engines find the website. So, do not ever even upload low quality content with random keywords.
2. The level of keyword density in the article

Articles that have a keyword density on contextual, usually will be a priority for the search engine. In addition, make sure the articles are uploaded quite long, a minimum of 500 words or more, of course, while maintaining keorisinalitasan the article.
3. Take advantage of header tags

Search engines are known to be inclined to like content articles which have a header tag on a website. Moreover, if the header tags is also included on the first and second paragraph of the article. In addition, use header tags also are much sought after.
4. Use sitemaps

The existence of sitemaps feature on a website, will give a much better index on search engines. In fact, the website based on WordPress or Blogger though, also has provided a plugin that functions the same as the sitemaps.
5. The design is suitable for mobile

The easy way to create SEO friendly website is to design the website to be accessed through mobile devices, such as smartphones. With it, visitors are not only limited to the use of a laptop or computer only.

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