Course 2. Intergenerational Faith Formation (Winter 2017)


Leif Kehrwald


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Course #2 explores how intergenerational faith formation and whole community faith experiences are at the center of the new faith forming ecosystem. “Throughout Scripture there is a pervasive sense that all generations were typically present when faith communities gathered for worship, for celebration, for feasting, for praise, for encouragement, for reading of Scripture, in times of danger, and for support and service. . . . To experience authentic Christian community and reap the unique blessings of intergenerationality, the generations must be together regularly and often—infants to octogenarians” (Holly Allen and Christine Ross).

People learn by participating in the life of a community. Practices of faith are taught through the interrelationships of worship, learning, service, ritual, prayer, and more.  A faith forming education that is centered in the life of the Christian community is intrinsically an intergenerational experience.

Course #2 guides the participants in 1) envisioning the role of the intergenerational faith community– caring community, celebrating worship, learning, praying, and serving - in developing vibrant faith in people of all ages and generations; 2) exploring the theory, research, and principles of intergenerational faith formation; 3) applying practices and models for becoming intentionally intergenerational in a congregation; and 4) designing intergenerational strategies, programs, activities for church life.


  • Generations Together. Kathie Amidei, Jim Merhaut, and John Roberto (LifelongFaith, 2014). (Available in print from; and in e-book formats - Kindle and Nook)
  • Intergenerational Christian Formation. Holly Allen & Christine Ross (IVP Books, 2012).
  • Reimagining Faith Formation for the 21st Century. John Roberto (LifelongFaith, 2015).

Online Live Presentations: January-April 2017

Connect to the Zoom Video Conference using the following link: 

Monday, January 23, 2017:   1-4 pm EST

Monday, February 27, 2017:  1-4 pm EST 

Monday, April 24, 2017:         1-4 pm EST

Discussion Forum

Posting responses to the Discussion Forum is an integral element of every course. Discussions for Course #2 are integrated into Weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 9-13. 

There is a focusing question or task in the "Apply" section of each learning plan. Every participant is asked to post a response to the question in the Discussions tab on the main menu. 

We encourage you to return regularly to the Discussions Forum to review and respond to posts by course participants. 


The project report for Course #2 is in five parts - integrating the work you have already done through the course. 

  • Part 1. The Intergenerational Character of the Congregation (from Week # 2)
  • Part 2. Culture of Intergenerationality (from Week #6)
  • Part 3. Ideas for Intergenerational Faith Formation (from Weeks 9-13)
  • Part 4. A Three-Year Intergenerational Plan (Work with Your Team to Complete This)
  • Part 5. Create One Intergenerational Project

For details on the assignment go to the Task bar. 

Congregational Team Meetings

During the four month timespan of Course #2, schedule three meetings with your congregational team to accomplish the following tasks: 

Team Meeting 1 (Week #2): Intergenerational Character of the Congregation 

  • Guide your team through the process of analyzing the intergenerational character of your church community using the GenOn Ministries Visioning Tool and the 19 factors that represent the tangible characteristics that underlie a church’s ability to consistently build disciples through intergenerational ministry. The process is outlined in Week #2 and there is a handout with the assessment tool. 

    Team Meeting 2. (After Week #6)

    • Share your two-page report on the culture of intergenerationality in your church with your Team. Invite their reflections and contributions to the report. Discuss with your Team how you can share/communicate the final report to whole congregation. Be sure to communicate  the benefits that will come to the whole church community and its individual members from strengthening the intergenerational culture of the church.

    Team Meeting 3. (Week 13)

    • Engage your Team in working with you to complete your course assignment. Focus your work on Part 4 - creating a three-year intergenerational plan and Part 5 - creating an intergenerational project. All of the instructions for this work are in the Task bar.  

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