Course 1. Reimagining Faith Formation for the 21st Century


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Course #1 introduces the participants to the five elements of the new faith forming ecosystem which forms the foundation for developing a vibrant congregational culture in the 21st century. The new faith forming ecosystem is designed to: 1) engage all generations—intergenerationally; 2) nurture family faith and equips parents to transmit faith at home; 3) address the unique needs of age groups—children, youth, and adults; 4) develop missional outreach to the unaffiliated and uninvolved and invite people into discipleship and participation in the faith community; and 5) utilize online communities and resources, and digitally-enabled strategies for faith formation. Participants will apply the five elements by exploring their congregational culture and faith formation programs and activities.

Course #1 also introduces the practices of developing digitally-enabled faith formation and connecting people with online faith forming resources and communities. Participants will explore the potential of blended models of faith formation that incorporate physical settings and online settings ranging from fully online programming to gathered programming in physical settings that use online resources: 1) gathered program with online content, 2) gathered program and online content, 3) online and gathered, 4) mostly online, and 5) fully online. Participants will begin building a website platform for faith formation. 

What You Need for this Course

Roberto, John. Reimagining Faith Formation for the 21st Century. Naugatuck: LifelongFaith Associates, 2015. (Available in print from; and in e-book formats - Kindle and Nook)

When We Gather for Online Live Presentations

Connect to the Zoom Video Conference using the following link: 

Live Presentation #1:    Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 1-4 pm Eastern Time

Live Presentation #2:    Thursday July 13, 2017 - 1-4 pm Eastern Time

Live Presentation #3:    Thursday, August 24, 2017 - 1-4 pm Eastern Time

Where We Interact with Each Other

Posting responses to the Discussion Forum is an integral element of every course. Discussions are integrated into each session.  Every participant is asked to post a response to the question in the Discussions tab on the main menu. Your response might be as short as one sentence or might be a series of actions your are going to take because of your learning. We encourage you to return regularly to the Discussions Forum to review and respond to posts by course participants. 

When You Meet with your Congregational Team

Essential to the Certificate program is the development of a Congregational Faith Formation Team (or Task Force) who will serve as a planning, design, and implementation group throughout the two years of the Certificate program. The team or task force can  include church staff and ministry leadership, current faith formation leaders, and new members from different age groups and/or families who can bring new perspectives and experiences to the design work. It is very helpful to have several people who bring experience and expertise in digital tools and media, website design, and social media. 

During the four month timespan of Course #1, schedule three meetings with your team to accomplish the following tasks: 

Team Meeting 1 (Week #2) 

  • The learning project for Week #2 is to complete the "Congregational Faith Formation Assessment." Engage the whole team (and other leadership groups) in completing the assessment on their own. Then, compile the results of all the individual  assessments into one report. Gather your team to analyze the results. The assessment tool and instructions are in Week #2. 

Team Meeting 2. (Week #8)

  • In Week #8 gather your team to explore the four elements of the new faith forming ecosystem: intergenerational, family, lifelong, and missional faith formation. Organize a meeting to review the work you have done in identifying how your congregation is implementing these four elements and possibilities for the future. 

Team Meeting 3. (During Weeks 10-13)

  • Involve your team in developing your faith formation network and designing your website. Schedule a meeting after you have completed the initial work on the network and website architecture. Use the design processes in the learning plans for Week 11 and Weeks 12-13. 

What You Will Create

The project assignment for Course #1 is to develop a faith formation faith formation network for a target audience - age group, family, all generations, or whole church. The learning plans and resources for Weeks 10-13 provide the process to guide you in developing a first draft of your faith formation network and website. In Week 14 each participant will provide an overview of his or her faith formation network and website design. 

For details on the assignment go to the Task bar. 

10 Tips For Completing An Online Ministry Program

To help you navigate online learning download a copy of "10 Tips for Completing an Online Ministry Program." 

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