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Leader of Education and Research: Resource-efficient business research group at Turku University of Applied Sciences


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Dear students,

A course on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences students. The first opportunity to take this course was on summer 2016 as part of the   

Now this course is modified to students in autumn 2016. The responsible lecture for this course is Nurmi Piia. 

There are 3 face to face lectures for the students & additional material here in eliademy & the tasks here also.

Face to face lectures:

24th Oct at 10-11.30 in room C22

31st Oct at 10-11.30 in room C22

5th Dec at 10-11.30 in room C22, materials:

Lecture slides can be found under chapter "course materials"


Nowadays, economic, social and environmental iss*ues related to social responsibility and sustainability are increasingly gaining significance, especially in the business sector. The field of responsible business practice becomes one of the most challenging and dynamic subjects corporate leaders face today. Hence, CSR is born out of a socioeconomic and political context. 

The objective of this online course is to introduce the participants to the concept of CSR and Sustainable Development, ensure the cohesive definition of CSR and its application to corporate sustainability. 

The learning materials and tools are available online through the course allow participants to acquire the relevant introductory knowledge regarding CSR topic. The knowledge will guide the participants to address better organizational responsibility concerns.


What you will learn:

  • Definition CSR 
  • Stakeholders 
  • Issues concerning Sustainability
  • Performance Evaluation and Performance Reporting 
  • CSR strategy and leadership

This course is for everyone who is interested in the topic of CSR and Economic Sustainability, especially for newbies who are not familiar with CSR  ✌️ 


Welcome!  ❤️ 


p.s. Thank you Le Thao (former student on the course) for help & development work on this course.

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