Coricraft Merchandising Principles 2016


Quinton Cronje


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The Objective of this course is to build the merchandising principles and to set clear display rules and guidelines for the business.

This course should provide a clear understanding of what is expected of all parties in terms of merchandising and the maintenance of the showrooms.

Consistency must be applied nationally.

Our furniture and accessories must be displayed in a way that makes it appealing,attractive,accessible,engaging and enticing to our retail shoppers.

We should not over decorate and we should not forget that we have to sell the furniture underneath the accessories.

Furniture and accessories blueprints for all stores will be set up to indicate the national standard as set out by the product team and enrolled by the merchandising team.

The principles set out in this course will allow for space optimisation and maximize trading density in all Coricraft stores.

It is the showroom staffs responsibility to make sure that the look and feel of the showroom is obtained.



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