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Course Code    :           HRM 120


Course Title     :           CONTROL MANAGEMENT 1

(Food and Beverage Control Systems)


Course Description:     Principles and methods of food, beverage and labor cost controls 

                                       for the  restaurant  industry.

Course Credit   :           3 Units

Prerequisite      :           Acctg 101

Course Objectives:      


      General      :           Acquire competency in cost control analysis and its application in 

                                    the restaurant business .


       Specific    :   At the end of the course, students should be better able to:

  1. define common technical terms used in cost control;

  2. compute and accurately report costs incurred in managing a food service facility;


  3. interpret control reports and data;

develop an appropriate cost control system for an existing food service facility;




Recommended Textbook: Ninemeier, Jack D. Planning & control for food and beverage operations. American Hotel & Lodging Association Educational Institute, Canada, 2009.


Dittmer, Paul R. Principles of food, beverage and labor cost controls. John Wiley & Sons, 2009.


Garlough, Robert. Modern foodservice purchasing: a complete resource. Cengage Learning Asia Pte. Ltd., 2011.


Keiser, James Analyzing and controlling foodservice costs: a managerial and technological approach. Pearson Education, New Jersey, USA, 2008.


Sanders, Edward E. Understanding foodservice cost control. Pearson Education, 2008.


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