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Disciplinary Literacy and the Use of Context Clues


Three Compelling Questions

1. If context clues could be people, how would I recognize them?

2. What are context clues and how do I recognize them?

3. If I could give each type of context clue 2 personality traits, what traits would I choose for each type?


Types of Context Clues used for this class: 

Root word and Affix




Example or illustration


Project Overview


Getting Started

Part I-Days 1 and 2

Students will view the video with a partner



Next step: Write about it!

After viewing the video students will explain what context clues are and how context clues may help them with reading comprehension. Students will explain what they think can be fun about using context clues in TodaysMeet. Then copy and paste your writing in this classroom under discussions.

Students, cut and paste in your browser a new open search page.



Students will work with a partner to find the meanings and specific jobs of our 6 types of context clues we are researching in this project by searching Context Clues on Kidtopia.

Students, cut and paste in your browser a new open search page.

Make a vocabulary card for each clue online and print them out at **Students, cut and paste in your browser a new open search page.

Lastly for Part I:

Go to TodaysMeet and write about what you have learned about context clues. Explain how your idea has changed since you did your research. Then tell what you think can be fun about using context clues. Afterward copy and paste your notes from TodaysMeet into this classroom under discussions.



Disciplinary Literacy and the Use of Context Clues 

Part II-Days 3 and 4

Students will personalize the types of context clues studied in this lesson. Working with a partner students will design (free draw or cut and paste) a character for each type of clue and give the character a special name that relates to the meaning of the context clue and give each character 2 personality traits (also representative of the context clue meaning or job within the text).

Examples of names and traits:


1. Root words and affixes-

Mr. Bark is adjustable and modifiable

2. Contrast

Mr. Colors is diverse and oppositional

3. Logical

Mr. Smarty is reasonable and understandable

4. Example and illustration

Mr. Creativity is artsy and valid

5. Grammar

Mr. Writing is elemental and structural

Home work for days 3 and 4

Go to:

Pick 3 activities and complete. After completing each one go to TodaysMeet and tell the class about your favorite one and how it helped you understand context clues better. Then copy and paste your comments in this classroom under discussions.


Project and Presentation -Publishing

Days 5 and 6

Students present on day 6

*Presentations will be video taped by Ms. G and graded by a peer team using our self-designed rubric

*Presentation videos will be posted here in our classroom for viewing by students and parents

Before the students begin designing a project around their context clue characters the class will work together to develop our grading rubric on RubiStar.

Your partner team will be grading another partner team using a rubric.

Guiding Questions:

What types of things should be graded during your presentation and your project development?

What categories do we need to include.

Suggestions: grammar, presentation skills, originality, neatness etc.

Example rubric:


**On TodaysMeet please explain how you felt about creating your own rubric. Why is it good? How do you feel about grading your peers? 

Please copy and paste your TodaysMeet comments into this classroom under discussions.


**Video Posts:

Video posts will go here


Final Assessment Piece:

Please deeply read one article of your choice below: (a second article will be chosen later)

Highlight all unfamiliar words. Try to locate context clues and name what type you find. Explain how you understand the words based on the context.[object BarProp]&view=FitH&navpanes=0&statusbar=0[object BarProp]&view=FitH&navpanes=0&statusbar=0[object BarProp]&view=FitH&navpanes=0&statusbar=0[object BarProp]&view=FitH&navpanes=0&statusbar=0[object BarProp]&view=FitH&navpanes=0&statusbar=0


Finally, Please take a survey below.

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1. What do you like best about this course?

2. What would you like to change about the course?

3. What are the instructor's strengths?

4. What suggestions do you have to improve the instructor's teaching?






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