Mudite Grivina

Fashion Design lecturer

Fashion Design lecturer at Dar Al - Hekma University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


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Course Description:

Advanced creative sewing and draping techniques are taught to permit students the opportunity to move forward their critical design thinking skills. This course includes a study of Haute Couture sewing and finishing techniques that enable students to recognize exquisite craftsmanship. The course provides students with the guidelines for collection concept that will be used in the Senior Collection Concept Development course.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students are expected to:

  • Explore and learn how to construct the high level of complexity garment using the techniques acquired in this course.
  • Learn couture sewing techniques and their implementation into a high-end garment for special occasions.
  • Observe and use creatively the sewing and draping techniques covered in this course
  • Develop technical skills while using their aptitude as source of inspiration for their designs.
  • Be able to analyze technically a fully constructed garment and its details.
  • Understand and complete a full garment that indicates the course level of complexity.​​


Course Topics:

  • Boned Bodice
  • Boning insertion methods
  • Bustier closures
  • Bustier plackets
  • The Evening Gown
  • Facings: Encasing Unfinished Edges
  • Hems: Defining the Length
  • Linings: Covering the Inner Surface
  • Closures: Closing the Garment
  • The Cape – Unlined
  • Tucks and Pleats: Tailoring a Texture
  • Couture techniques: hand-stitched finishes​


Special Projects/Activities to Be Completed Outside of Scheduled Classes:

  • Library and internet research
  • The Bustier
  • The Evening Gown
  • The Cape
  • The Final Project: Evening or Wedding Gown​


Textbooks / Resources:

  1. Di Lorenzo, M. F. (2010). The Art of Fashion Draping (3rd Edition). Fairchild Books, USA. ISBN-13: 978-1-56367-730-4.
  2. Shaeffer, C. (2001). Couture Sewing Techniques. Taunton Press, USA.

Alternative Textbooks:

  1. Nudelman, Z. (2009). The Art of Couture Sewing. Fairchild Publications, USA. ISBN: 978-1-56367-539-3.

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