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Students considering this course must be able to demonstrate an ability to work independently and show a willingness to learn the theory in many aspects of the construction industry. You will be given the opportunity to develop essential skills in a range of trades associated with the house building industry and in year 9 carryout a series of small projects which will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully maintain your home. You will also learn about what the construction industry does both locally and nationally and how it contributes to society. As part of this you will be given the task of designing a house for a given client. In Y10 you will be assessed on a number of units, including two written exams, which will allow you to experience further, trades in the construction industry such as painting and decorating, joinery and tiling. This course also contains a number of theory tasks that investigate issues such as health and safety, sustainability and the law associated with working in construction.


·       Construction Technology (Exam)

·       Science and Maths in Construction

·       Sustainability in Construction (Exam)

·       Exploring Carpentry & Joinery

·       Exploring Brickwork and Block work Principles

·       Exploring Painting & Decorating Principles and Techniques

·       Exploring Floor & Wall tiling

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