Conscious Artificial Super Intelligence (CASI) - Preview of REMTCS New AI --Draft




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Conscious Artificial Super Intelligence (CASI) - still in developments

CASI will be REMTCS' quantum purpose-built artificial super intelligence system. 

The new AI product lineup has been designed and manufactured using 100% REMTCS proprietary hardware specs: the server chassis was engineered and equipped with self-healing, carbon fiber steel alloyed frame support rails, as well used in every soldering joint. The computing modules utilizes REMTCS imbedded deep-learning GPU micro blades, each GPU having an independent 128bit ASIC co-processor.

The GPU with ASIC Micro blades are stack into a 30 micro blade infrastructure, that directly clustered within the motherboard for zero latency.

CASI performs super positioning computing by deep learning virtualization; using the embedded micro blades to perform each possible computing position that querying the results to the co-processor, ASICS powered, for real-time computing translation from quantum to readable positioning in seconds. 

Estimated: The quantum computing system to be from 24U, 42U to 84U. Pending the infrastructure and bandwidth of fiber ring. Early release Spring 2016

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