Carita Forsgren

Senior Lecturer of Visual Design


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Ever felt a need of creating your own reality show concept? Do you think you could come up with something better than the shows that are on television? Now is your chance to do something about it!


Who is it for? For content creators and both aspiring and experienced writers, students of media, film & television


What will you do on the course? First, you will learn about the history and present of reality television through case examples and analysis. Then, you will create a reality show concept together with 1-2 other students.


Feedback methods: You will get feedback for your course tasks from your peers and from your tutor teacher(s), and you will read your peers' tasks and give them feedback in turn. Also, at the end session of the course, each student team will get feedback for their concept from an industry professional.


Depending on the quality of the concepts, one to three student teams get the opportunity to pitch their reality show idea to a seasoned professional producer in a live online meeting.


Requirements: Ability to read, write and speak reasonably good English. A television set, or other way of obtaining television content. A computer with reliable Internet connection and possibility to have an online video meeting.


What do you get from the course as a student:

-- Where to get an idea for a reality show?

-- Uses of a pitch bible

-- The stages from an idea to a pitch bible

-- When does a reality show become a format? The difference between an idea and a format

-- At the end presentation, you'll be able to pitch your idea to a tv producer and get feedback from them

-- Taking transmedia elements into account


What will you have as a result after the course:

-- A concept for a reality television series:

1) A short pitch bible, as pdf slides or Prezi presentation

2) A 3-minute video pitch


The course consists of seven lessons. As this is a mostly learning-by-doing and not a self-study course, each student should do the required tasks as punctually as possible. For their team meetings, the students teams can use online tools of their choice (such as Skype, shared documents in Google Drive, etc.). 

Course content

  • Literature & Links

  • Lesson 1 - 8.6.2015 What are reality shows?

  • Lesson 2 - 15.6.2015 Current trends in reality television

  • Lesson 3 - 29.6.2015 Methods for generating ideas

  • Lesson 4 - 13.7.2015 From idea to one-pager

  • Lesson 5 - 27.7.2015 Pitch bible and trailer video

  • Lesson 6 - 3.8.2015 Pitching a reality show concept

  • Lesson 7 - 10.9.2015 Final presentations

  • Interview of executive producer Pentti Väliahdet, YLE

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