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Co-founder of the MT Training Center. Bachelor’s in Business Administration, West Texas A & M University.


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ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must possess a high school diploma, G.E.D. equivalent, or must be able to pass the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (Admission test), as well as be able to read and write English.  The applicant must schedule an interview with the admissions office and submit a completed enrollment form. Once the student has been accepted they will be subject to the school’s refund and cancellation policy.  Class size is limited based upon space availability.  Efforts are made to assign a class time that fits the prospective student’s schedule. The MT Training Center is open to all candidates without regard to race, color, nationality, national origin, religion, creed. age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or marital status. The admission standards are in complete compliance with the Texas Workforce Career School and Colleges Regulatory Board, the Veterans Administration Education Department, and the U.S. Department of Education’s regulations.


Objective:  The computerized accounting program is designed to provide the student with those skills and competencies necessary to become employed in a variety of business environments.  Through hands-on experience, the student will be able to prepare, analyze, and verify financial reports.  The Computerized Accounting curriculum is designed to prepare students in both manual and automated system support roles in business accounting settings and financial service industries.  To complete the program of study, the student will complete courses in both written and verbal communication skills. 


Subject                                                                                                   Hours

Number                                                                                   Lecture    Lab             Credits

BCG-055   Business Communication                                        10              20                2.0

CPK-101    Computer Keyboarding                                           10              20                2.0

MO-100     Office Procedures                                                    10              20                2.0

CPC-101    Computer Literacy                                                  10              20                2.0  

BCG-101   Business Mathematics                                             10              20                2.0

O-400        Employment Preparation                                         10              20                2.0

ACT-101    Accounting I                                                             40              80                8.0

ACT-154    Payroll                                                                      40              80                8.0

ACT-125    Financial Analysis with Excel                                    20              40               4.0

ACT-123    Accounting II                                                             20              40               4.0

ACT-152    Cost Accounting                                                       20               40               4.0

TOTAL HOURS/Credits                                                             200            400             40.0


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