Computer Literacy Curriculum Grades P1-6


Mikko Kontto

I am a teacher at the English School in Helsinki, Finland. My teaching interests vary from languages to sciences to philosophy and computer literacy. I am involved as a volunteer with Mozilla in their effort to spread Open Web and web literacy.


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This "course" is a platform for stakeholders of the English School in Helsinki to participate in creating our new curriculum for teaching Computer and Web Literacy.

Computer Literacy has been a part of Finnish curriculum for almost 30 years, but never has there been so much discussion, media coverage and enthusiasm for taking steps to ensure that we teach the children of today the skills of tomorrow. We at the English School ICT group would like to involve you parents in this process. You have the knowledge and experience about what is required in the work place now - that is our starting point when we put together a set of skills and competencies that your children should walk away with when they leave grade six.

We will be adding information, tasks and discussions into the site as we progress - the new curriculum will be introduced in the autumn of 2016, we should have a skeleton of the new curriculum by Christmas and the ready product in the spring of 2016.

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