Component 3e: Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness




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Welcome to Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness! Even the best written lesson plan will sometimes need redirecting, and it is at that moment an experienced teacher can demonstrate their flexibility and responsiveness by adjusting their lesson midstream.  There are three main causes for teachers to demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness: 

  • When an instructional activity is not working;
  • A spontaneous event provides an opportunity for learning (we often call this the teachable moment); and
  • When students display difficulties during the lesson, a teacher presents the material in an alternative fashion. 

However, to make any change during a lesson, whether small or large, it takes large amounts of courage and confidence which come from experience.


As a result of this module, learners will:

  • —Become familiar with 3E;
  • —Reflect on their flexibility and responsiveness to student needs; and
  • —Identify possible artifacts and evidence to illustrate 3E.


This module, which should take approximately 35 minutes to complete, consists of the following activities:


Course content

  • Demonstrating Flexibility & Responsiveness: According to the Framework

  • Universal Design for Learning

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