Component 3d: Using Assessment in Instruction




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Welcome to Using Assessment in Instruction! Assessment plays a critical role in the instructional process for teachers and students.  It has evolved from the traditional form of assessing students at the end of the unit or lesson to determine if students have mastered the presented material to a more functional method of assessing students during instruction.  Assessing students along the way allows teacher to adjust their teaching to best meet the needs of the students.  Another essential element in the assessment process is the inclusion of immediate and specific feedback to students. By monitoring student progress instruction,  teachers can alter their instruction for student success before they reach the end of the unit, when it's considered too late.


As a result of this module, learners will:

  • —Become familiar with 3D;
  • Review examples of 3d behavior;
  • Reflect on their level of performance as it relates to using assessment in instruction; and
  • Brainstorm strategies to improve their capacity to use assessment as an instructional tool.


This module, which should take approximately 25 minutes to complete, consists of the following activities:

Course content

  • Using Assessment in Instruction

  • Let's Dance -- A Classroom Observation

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