Component 2e: Organizing Physical Space




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Welcome to Organizing Physical Space! Effective teachers carefully plan the physical organization of their classrooms to support instructional goals and facilitate the smooth functioning of their management system. Understanding that the physical surroundings can influence the way students feel, think, and behave, effective managers seek to create a learning environment that contributes to students' comfort and engagement. They take stock of their rooms and the characteristics of their students, then develop a room plan that supports the instructional, behavioral, and organizational needs of the class. Because needs and spaces differ, there is no ideal, all-purpose room arrangement. A literature class might work best with desks placed in a circle, facilitating active discussion. A science lab may need to be organized around fixed stations. Either way, research suggests that effective classroom teacher use the following guidelines to optimize their room arrangements:

  • Design is consistent with instructional goals and activities.
  • High-traffic areas are free of congestion.
  • Students are always visible to the teacher.
  • Students can easily see instructional displays and presentations.
  • Storage space and necessary materials are readily accessible.



As a result of this module, learners will develop a capacity to:

  • Designing classroom spaces that support teachers' instructional goals;
  • Creating spaces that maximize student learning opportunities and minimize misbehaviors; and
  • Working creatively and resourcefully around physical constraints to create a productive classroom environment.


This module should take approximately 25 minutes to complete and includes the following activities:

At the end of the session you will receive a certificate of completion that can be used for your professional portfolio.


Course content

  • How Does Physical Space Impact Teaching and Learning?

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